Bakermet Scrap Metal Processing Facility

Bakermet Inc.

Project Details

Bakermet Inc. is a scrap metal processing facility located within a large industrial park in the City of Ottawa. Successfully operating for over 50 years, the four hectare site receives scrap metal and, through a hammer mill shredding process, produces separated ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. The material is systematically identified, segregated, and re-packaged, providing quality recyclable products to foundries, smelters, and steel mills throughout Canada, the United States, and the Far East.

In response to a review by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE), our firm was retained by Golder Associates on behalf of Bakermet to prepare a SWM plan and design for the site. A site survey was conducted to identify the existing grades and overland drainage patterns. We then carried out a review of the downstream storm drainage conveyance network to assess its receiving capacity and identify potential locations for monitoring stations that could be incorporated into the proposed surface water monitoring and sampling program.

We were also tasked with reviewing and recommending stormwater quantity and quality control measures that could be implemented on the site to satisfy MOE requirements. A hydrological analysis of the site was undertaken to quantify the peak flow release rate for the targeted first flush storm event treatment under the existing development condition. Results of the analysis were used to size a proposed end-of-pipe oil/grit separator water treatment unit. Site surface water discharge parameters were identified and water quality objectives and monitoring frequency was presented in a Surface Water Management Plan, submitted to the MOE for review. The SWM Plan received MOE approval shortly thereafter, allowing Bakermet to continue uninterrupted operation of its site.