Hazelton Subdivision

Timestone Corporation

Project Details

Our firm has been providing engineering services for the design, site review, and contract administration of the Hazelton Subdivision in Sudbury, Ontario.  The 31 hectare subdivision will be completed in 10 phases with approximately 250 homes, consisting of single-family, multi-family residential units, and a commercial/retail component adjacent to one of Sudbury’s main arteries, the Kingsway. Total construction value for the 2.8 km of roadways and infrastructure is in excess of $15M.

This subdivision required a complete redesign from the original 1990s concept to more adequately reflect a changed market and current design requirements. The new design takes into consideration mixed zoning, increased parkland, revised road layouts, storm water management (SWM), and traffic calming measures, such as a roundabout.

A key component of the design was the SWM facility, which services a drainage area of approximately 15.5 hectares. After liaising with local municipal agencies, it was agreed to implement a dry detention facility that controls water quantity, and incorporate a stormwater quality unit to improve stormwater quality. The unit separates oils and sediments from stormwater runoff prior to it being discharged into the dry detention facility. The SWM facility was sized to maintain post-development peak stormwater runoff rates to their pre-development levels for both the five-year and 100-year storm events and the regional storm event, with consideration to the existing downstream municipal system.

Designing and constructing the Hazelton Subdivision and similar projects in the Sudbury area has presented particular challenges. Much of Sudbury’s terrain contains surface bedrock, which requires extensive blasting and rock excavation for any proposed developments. Our firm is proficient in providing cost effective designs that work with and around bedrock and the challenges it presents.