Jacob Lift Station Upgrades

City of Greater Sudbury

Project Details

During completion of the Lively/Walden Wastewater System Schedule ‘C’ Class Environmental Assessment (EA), we recommended upgrades to the Jacob Lift Station, which is a critical part of the communal sewage system, as it conveys nearly all of the flows generated within the community to the Walden wastewater treatment plant.

We completed an initial evaluation of the Jacob Lift Station to determine possible short term and long term upgrades to increase the lift station’s capacity.  Following the evaluation, we completed detailed design for the required upgrades, prepared tender documents, and administered the project through construction and commissioning. We also provided site review services.

The extensive upgrades to the lift station utilized the existing wet well and control building. Submersible pumps and all piping and valves in the wet well were replaced. The new piping extends to a new auxiliary bypass that will be used in the case of a forcemain break or during maintenance work. The standby power generator in the control building was removed and replaced with a new unit located adjacent to the wet well. A new electrical service was installed, and most of the existing power and control panels were replaced. The innovative design of the station’s programmable logic controls included two variable frequency drives that can be used for operating three new submersible pumps.