Justice Headquarters Consolidation Project

Public Works and Government Services Canada

Project Details

This project involved the complete refurbishment of a nationally prominent heritage structure in Ottawa’s Parliamentary Precinct. Also included was the retrofit of an adjacent 11-storey annex and construction of a four-storey connecting link.

The design challenge was to establish a 21st century office environment while respecting the rich heritage and prominence of the original building.  New HVAC intakes and exhausts were disguised in the heritage façades. Covered interior atriums were created with “floating boardrooms” and mechanical, electrical, and control systems, and interior finishes were completely replaced. State-of-the-art technologies were employed, including ‘friction damping’ seismic reinforcement, which is less costly and imposes significantly fewer restrictions on floor layouts, and a ‘dynamic buffer zone’, which protects the uninsulated exterior stone walls by circulating warmed dry air through the wall cavity.

Added to the design challenge was the project schedule, which required occupancy less than two years after the start of the design. A fast-track design and construction management format was employed to achieve the schedule, while retaining full control over the budget, program requirements, and construction quality.

In joint venture with Shore Tilbe Irwin and Partners and Mill and Ross Architects, we provided prime consulting and mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering services.