Moose Creek Tire Recycling Facility

Moose Creek,Ontario
Lafcorp Inc.

Project Details

Lafcorp Inc. operates a Tire Recycling Facility in the Township of North Stormont, and accepts used tires from local municipalities throughout Ontario for the purpose of producing rubber tire crumb.  A Provisional Certificate of Approval was issued by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) for the operation of a Waste Disposal Site (Tire Processing and Recycling Facility), with approval subject to a condition requiring Lafcorp to manage all direct discharges from the site, including stormwater run-off in accordance with appropriate municipal, provincial, and/or federal legislation, regulations, and by-laws. The local district office of the MOE requested that a sewage works approval, under Section 53 of the Ontario Water Resources Act, be obtained to satisfy this condition.

Our firm provided design services for grading, SWM, and industrial sewage discharge for the site. We initially completed a field survey to identify the existing drainage patterns on site, and undertook a review of the contributing storm catchment area and receiving stream in consultation with the local Conservation Authority. The stormwater design included sizing an end-of-pipe dry pond detention SWM facility and hydrodynamic oil/grit separation unit to provide water quality treatment. A hydrological analysis of the site was undertaken to quantify the peak flow release rate for various storm events under pre-development and post-development conditions, and results of the analysis were used to size the outlet control structure of the SWM facility in order to meet the required design criteria objectives. We also developed a SWM Facility Operations Effluent Monitoring Program and Reporting Plan for the MOE.

MOE approval for our grading, drainage, and design for the SWM facility, in conjunction with the Ontario Tire Stewardship program, allowed Lafcorp to continue to operate and expand its tire recycling and processing facility.  In partnership with Animat, Lafcorp operates one of the largest tire recycling facilities in Ontario, processing approximately two million used tires per year.