Orgaworld Ottawa Composting Facility

17,920 m² (192,889 ft²)
Orgaworld Canada Limited

Project Details

In an effort to divert the organic portion of household solid waste away from landfills, the City of Ottawa implemented a source-separated organics program. Orgaworld Canada Limited was selected as the provider and operator of a proven technology that utilizes a sealed tunnel aerobic digestion composting process. This technology converts the organic portion of the feedstock material to an unrestricted use product, which can then be marketed as compost, soil amendment, and potting soil. Orgaworld selected a 10 hectare industrial site within an existing industrial park to construct its composting process facility.

Our firm was retained by Conestoga-Rovers and Associates on behalf of Orgaworld to provide land use planning approvals, grading, SWM, and industrial sewage discharge design services for the site. The stormwater design included the sizing of a storm conveyance network and end-of-pipe wet pond retention SWM facility. A hydrological analysis of the site was undertaken to quantify the peak flow release rate for various storm events under pre-development and post-development conditions. The results of this analysis were then used to size the inlet and outlet control structures for the SWM facility in order to meet the required design criteria objectives. We developed a SWM Facility Operations, Effluent Monitoring Program, and Reporting Plan for the Ministry of the Environment (MOE).

Our firm also prepared the grading and drainage plans and reports for approval by the City of Ottawa as part of its Site Plan Approval process. These drawings were also circulated to the MOE as an important component of the Environmental Compliance Approval process. When MOE approval for the grading, drainage, and SWM facility design was received, Orgaworld subsequently received a 20-year contract from the City of Ottawa to provide composting services for the sourced separated organics program at this location.