Ottawa International Airport Infrastructure Master Plan

Ottawa International Airport Authority

Project Details

In 1997, the Ottawa International Airport Authority (OIAA) took over the operation of various utilities that serve its land from Transport Canada and began to actively promote the development of some of its property. In result, an understanding of the condition and capacity of its infrastructure was critical. Our firm conducted a detailed physical condition assessment and hydraulic investigation of the OIAA’s water distribution and storm and sanitary sewer systems, and developed an Infrastructure Master Plan to ensure sustainability of the infrastructure networks over a 20-year planning horizon, complete with cost estimates.

An extensive field investigation program, including total station survey, CCTV inspection, maintenance hole inspection, and flow monitoring was completed at the onset of the project. Data acquired was used to develop hydraulic models of the water distribution and storm and sanitary sewer systems, to develop detailed condition assessments for each of the sewer systems, and to establish a GIS. A recommended frequency of re-inspection program was also developed to allow for deterioration of identified defects to be monitored over time, and for rehabilitation priorities to be reassessed on an ongoing basis. A regular maintenance program for the storm and sanitary sewers was also created in consideration of the hydraulic and operational performance of the systems.

This project successfully integrated a GIS with a civil infrastructure condition assessment and hydraulic investigation, and provided the necessary framework to complete the comprehensive Infrastructure Master Plan. Our firm continues to provide the OIAA with GIS technical support for all of its piped infrastructure and related hydraulic modeling.