Ravensview Water Pollution Control Plant Upgrades

Utilities Kingston

Project Details

The City of Kingston is home to one of North America’s largest and most environmentally progressive wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). Our firm was retained as the prime consultant for a $115M upgrade to the WWTP, known today as one of the most significant municipal projects in the city’s history.

Providing project management, engineering, architectural, and planning services, our work included the preparation of an environmental assessment, followed by on-site piloting of the preferred secondary treatment technology, detailed design, construction, and commissioning oversight. Plant operations were maintained throughout the multi-year project, and the plant’s performance to date has exceeded expectations and all regulatory requirements.

Kingston’s vision to be Canada’s most sustainable city was embraced through environmental stewardship, energy management, and sustainable design of the WWTP.  Highlights of the project include: LEED® Silver classification for the Administration Building; a connected electrical load reduced by 0.6 megawatts during normal operation through high-efficiency turbo blowers and a 375 kW cogeneration system using biogas produced through the treatment process; enhanced sludge stabilization at 55°C to improve biosolids quality and maximize the cogeneration process (sludge stabilization mirrors the USEPA requirements for Class ‘A’ biosolids and exceeds Ontario’s current requirements); BIOSTYR Biological Aerated Filters for secondary treatment, one of the largest installations of its kind in North America, to minimize the project’s footprint and enable an ecologically valuable woodlot to be preserved; and indoor biosolids storage operating under negative pressure to mitigate odour impact and improve the quality of life for nearby residents.

Other upgrades included modifications to the existing screening, de-gritting, and primary screening facilities; a new primary effluent pumping station for the secondary treatment process; a new sludge dewatering facility with 2 high-capacity centrifuges; and a new, fully-automated SCADA system. The upgrade was completed approximately 10% under budget and six months ahead of schedule. The plant’s rated capacity is 95,000 cubic metres per day.

The Ravensview WWTP won an Award of Excellence from the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada and Canadian Consulting Engineer magazine in 2010. That same year, it was also awarded the prestigious Willis Chapman Award from Consulting Engineers of Ontario.