Renfrew Water Standpipe Rehabilitation

Town of Renfrew

Project Details

Our firm, in association with Mulders Inspection Services Co. Ltd., provided engineering services for the rehabilitation of Renfrew’s 1.7M imperial gallon steel potable water standpipe.

Our scope of services for this project included provision and installation of all temporary works required to complete the upgrades, such as pressure relief valves installed at strategic locations of the water distribution network; specifying and overseeing surface preparation and coating application for the replacement of the interior lining and overcoat of the exterior lining of the structure; provision of a hydraulic mixing system within the standpipe to improve water turnover and prevent freezing; installation of safety equipment and other safety related upgrades; modifications to the existing ventilation system; provision of a new access manhole and overflow piping system; and miscellaneous repairs and upgrades to the structure.

The rehabilitation work included an AWWA/NACE and Safety Upgrade Inspection, preparation of design drawings and specifications, full-time site inspection, and construction contract administration.