Mattawa Light Industrial Park EA

Town of Mattawa

Project Details

The Town of Mattawa was experiencing a demand for serviced industrial land, and to assist in its economic development, it had already identified lands to be developed for a Light Industrial Park. Our firm assisted the Town with a Schedule ‘B’ Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) and Zoning By-law Amendment to facilitate the development of the Park on lands owned by the town. However, these lands did not have municipal water and sewer services, and could only be accessed via a gravel road, which also required improvements.

Our team provided an evaluation of options and designed a preferred solution for extending municipal services to the proposed Park, along with improvements to road accessibility. As part of the EA process, we: organized an open house for public consultation consistent with provincial guidelines; allowed for preliminary technical review such as designing the connection of the proposed water and sewer to the existing municipal infrastructure; and coordinated additional study requirements, including a Phase 1 site EA, natural heritage, archeological, and geotechnical studies.

The preferred route selected for extending the municipal services was a direct alignment connecting the Park’s services to existing services on Brook Street. As part of the project requirements, we were tasked with preparing an application to allow for the water and sewer lines servicing the park to cross an existing Canadian Pacific Railway line. The preferred option for the access road involved improvements to the profile of Dorion Street by reducing the gradient of the approach to Highway 17. Following completion of the EA, we proceeded with obtaining approvals and completed the detailed design of the Park.