Town of Mississippi Mills GIS

Mississippi Mills,Ontario
Town of Mississippi Mills

Project Details

Our firm completed a parcel mapping exercise comprising some 6,000 parcels covering the historical municipalities of Pakenham, Ramsay, Almonte, and Pakenham Village. As a result of amalgamation, we created seven new Zoning By-law Schedules for the Town of Mississippi Mills using new parcel mapping as base information. We developed a parcel-based Municipal GIS, which utilized the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation database. Staff training, custom applications, and integration of the system into the Town’s municipal office were important components of this project. We also worked with municipal staff to complete GIS mapping of municipal drains and sub-drains. A significant component of this exercise included the creation of a comprehensive form-driven database to assess the maintenance of drains, and allocate the associated costs to property owners who benefit from drain improvements.

From an asset management perspective, we coordinated a comprehensive topographic mapping exercise of the Village of Almonte, which was added to the GIS.  We also assisted the Town by providing training and project oversight services for various summer students who collected and inventoried all above-ground infrastructure in the Villages of Almonte and Pakenham using mobile mapping and GPS survey techniques. The information and attributes collected were subsequently added to the GIS by our staff. Over the course of several years, we assembled storm and sanitary sewer and watermain networks in the GIS based on as-constructed drawings.

We continue to assist the Town of Mississippi Mills by providing “as needed” GIS technical services, and completing special assignments to either improve data quality or add new data layers to the GIS.