Woodroffe Avenue – Highway 417 to Baseline Road

City of Ottawa

Project Details

This project involved the replacement of underground municipal services (sanitary sewer and watermain) and partial and full road reconstruction along the Woodroffe Avenue corridor between Baseline Road and Highway 417. With 40,000 vehicles using this portion of Woodroffe Avenue daily, maintaining traffic flow during construction was chief amongst the City’s priorities.

The sanitary sewer had reached the end of its design life and due to the close proximity of the watermain, it too was replaced. Our firm completed the sanitary sewer and watermain designs and was also responsible to oversee the preparation of a traffic study through a specialized transportation sub-consultant.

The sanitary sewer design on Woodroffe Avenue took into account the additional flow from an area with insufficient downstream sanitary sewer capacity. Coordination with the Ministry of the Environment, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and various City departments was required to allow the successful completion of this project. Our firm provided contract administration services during construction of the project.