Campeau Drive Pumping Station and Watermains

Services Offered

  • Project Management
  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Architectural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Location:
    Ottawa, Ontario
  • Value: $4.8M
  • Client: City of Ottawa
  • JLR Contact: Ryan Ashford

Project Details

JLR provided preliminary and detailed design, as well as field services during construction of the new Campeau Drive Booster Pumping Station in the community of Kanata.

The station provides additional booster pumping capacity to supplement the Glen Cairn Pumping Station and Stittsville Storage Tank system in order to meet forecasted peak hour demands in Ottawa’s Pressure Zone 3W. Hydraulic modelling was used extensively to address critical distribution system pressure management issues. Limited conveyance capacity between the Glen Cairn Pumping Station and the Stittsville Storage Tank resulted in high pressures in low lying areas of Kanata, as well as operational difficulties in maintaining tank levels during peak flow demand periods.

The city’s Pressure Zone 3W Control Narrative was modified to allow for the Campeau Drive and Glen Cairn Pumping Stations to operate in parallel in the same pressure zone. A new, more responsive control narrative for both pumping stations was developed that utilized distribution system pressure as its primary input, essentially operating Pressure Zone 3W as a closed system. Pumps now start and stop to maintain a consistent distribution system pressure range.

The completed Campeau Drive Pumping Station consists of two constant speed pumps and a variable frequency-driven pump, as well as provisions for the installation of a fourth pump in the future. It is located within a park, in a suburban residential area. JLR worked closely with the city to create an architectural design for the building enclosure that includes bowstring roof trusses, which give the building a sleek, low-profile appeal, minimizing the impact on the surrounding natural setting.