District School Board Ontario North-East Board New Corporate Board Office

Services Offered

  • Architectural
  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Location:
    Timmins, Ontario
  • Value: $4.8M
  • Size: 18,830 ft² single-storey building
  • Client: District School Board Ontario North-East Board (DSBONE)
  • JLR Contact: Georges Quirion

Project Details

At the onset of the project, DSBONE set clear objectives for the features that were to be incorporated into the new facility, and JLR sought to meet these goals quickly and efficiently. DSBONE required a cost-effective and efficient design for an office space suited to modern requirements, which included an efficient work flow within the space, incorporating elements of natural lighting, state-of-the-art boardroom facilities, and public spaces that were both welcoming and accommodating.

It was important for the design to capture the tradition and history of DSBONE’s long-standing educational history in Northern Ontario, but it simultaneously needed to reflect their goals and objectives for the future. The building design needed to welcome the public and provide accessibility to key services within the public space, yet it also could not compromise the spaces where security and confidentiality were paramount.

The most important factor in this project was staying within the set budget of $4.8M. DSBONE could not exceed the capital funds that had been allocated for the project and could not use any additional funding that had been directed for educational purposes. Working with DSBONE, JLR was able to produce a final product that was completed on schedule and within budget.