Garry J. Armstrong Long Term Care Centre

Services Offered

  • Prime Consultant Project Management
  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Civil
  • Location:
    Ottawa, Ontario
  • Value: $24M
  • Client: City of Ottawa
  • JLR Contact: John Moore
  • Related Projects: North Bay Regional Health Centre

Project Details

Located on a 7-acre island in the Rideau River, the eight-storey, 180-bed Garry J. Armstrong Long Term Care Centre sits in a tranquil, parkland setting with stunning vistas of the river, downtown Ottawa and the Gatineau Hills.

The layout is simple but efficient – generous public space and operational functions on the lower two floors and six residential floors above. Each resident floor is configured as three independent wings accommodating ten residents. The three resident wings open onto a common dining/lounge area, which includes an 850 ft2 exterior balcony to ensure universal access to the outdoors for all residents.

The design takes advantage of the heavily sloping site to create a secluded rear grounds with mature trees, landscaped walkways and rest areas along the river. A screened gazebo on the river’s edge provides space for private reflection and family discussions in a picturesque, natural setting.

The fundamental objective of creating a home-like environment has been achieved by steadfastly keeping institutional functions and infrastructure in the “back shop.” Deliveries, linen services, garbage collection and the like are concentrated at a concealed side dock at the lowest level, remote from the main entrance and public facilities, and screened from the rear grounds and river walkways. A central laundry chute obviates the transport of soiled linen through public spaces, as does the rear-opening freight elevator, which takes food carts to and from the kitchen directly into a servery on each floor.

The ventilation system provides 100% outside air, which acts to control odours as well as the spread of infectious disease. Staff and common spaces are air conditioned, while resident rooms are supplied with “tempered air”, which is preferable to the elderly residents. The facility is virtually self-sufficient, which can be critical to a population with limited mobility in emergency situations. The heating system has dual fuel capability and electric power is 100% backed up with an 800 kW diesel generator.