City of Cornwall Water System Energy Audit

Services Offered

  • Project Management
  • Architectural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Location:
    Cornwall, Ontario
  • Client: City of Cornwall
  • JLR Contact: Brian Hein

Project Details

The energy audit work program included developing an existing energy usage budget for each major component of the facility, such as pumping, other process equipment, lighting, heating, etc. and then analyzing potential options for reducing energy usage within each of these categories. Energy saving opportunities such as operational changes, water use reduction, pump efficiency improvements, and building envelope changes, were identified based on site investigations and discussions with the city’s management and operations staff. We then evaluated these opportunities using real data and information obtained from the three sites. Implementation costs for various options were developed and simple payback periods for each potential option were presented in a comprehensive final report.

As part of this project, a detailed on-site pump testing program was implemented in order to assess pump and motor efficiency as well as operational techniques. Power, flow, and pressure measurements were all obtained using portable monitoring equipment in order to compare actual pump operation to published performance pump curves.  UV reactors were also assessed as part of the power measurements.

The city’s overall energy bill for these facilities was reduced by an estimated 15% with a relatively small amount of capital investment. Other benefits to this audit included a reduction in chemical usage, an increased life cycle on equipment, and potential operational cost reductions at the city’s WWTP.