Rideau Forest Estates Subdivision

Services Offered

  • Project Management
  • Planning
  • Civil
  • Land Development
  • Location:
    Manotick, Ontario
  • Client: Rideau Forest Development Limited
  • JLR Contact: Tim Chadder
  • Related Projects: Kellam – Claridge Lands Urban Expansion Areas 9A & 9B (Leitrim Subdivision), Blackstone Community Plan of Subdivision, Quinn Farm Subdivision

Project Details

Located in the Village of Manotick and in the City of Ottawa, the Rideau Forest Estates Subdivision is a rural estate-lot residential development with a total of 11 development phases. JLR provided engineering services for Rideau Forest when the development was in Phase 4. Residential lots are approximately 2 acres in size, and are serviced by private wells and septic systems.

JLR provided civil engineering design and contract administration services for the development of each phase of the subdivision. Design services included preparing SWM Reports, which outlined the stormwater design approach to be implemented for a particular phase of development. Our firm coordinated and participated in reviewing background studies required for the approval of each phase of the development. These studies include, but are not limited to, geotechnical, hydrogeological, archaeological, environmental impact statement, environmental site assessment, and tree conservation reports.

In addition, JLR conducted Traffic and Noise Impact studies for the subdivision’s development, if required, as well as streetlight design and utility design and coordination. Supporting studies, reports and design drawings were submitted to the local review agencies for approval prior to construction.

JLR’s engineering services involved obtaining the necessary approvals at each phase of development, including the MOE Environmental Compliance Approval for the proposed SWM works. We also provided contract administration services throughout construction and issued final certification following completion.