Vale Canada Limited – Overflow Engineering Contract 2013

Services Offered

  • Project Management
  • Architectural
  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Civil
  • Electrical
  • Location:
    Sudbury, Ontario
  • Client: Vale Canada Limited
  • JLR Contact: Laura Grover, Steve Langille

Project Details

JLR was awarded one of three consultant positions in Vale Canada Limited’s (Vale) Overflow Engineering Contract in early 2013. The nature of this contract allows Vale to sole source engineering projects to their preferred external service providers for work that exceeds the capacity or expertise of its in-house engineering and supporting technical resources.

Historically, JLR has provided maintenance engineering services to Vale’s sites for nearly 40 years, however this agreement has resulted in a much more widespread use of our resources and multi-discipline services across a greater number of Vale’s sites. This includes Vale’s mines, mill, smelter, filter plant, acid plant, nickel refinery, Electrowinning facility, water and wastewater facilities, and various office and administration buildings.

Our service delivery spans a wide variety of projects including pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, detailed design, services during construction, and project close out reporting, including as-constructed drawings. Due to the volume of projects on the go at any given time, Vale requests weekly updates for each project and monthly forecasts for all expenditures to assist with project tracking. The scale of this contract has necessitated the introduction of a new document control department at JLR to assist with project tracking and the high quantity of documents exchanged between JLR and Vale. Our success with this contract is reinforced through its renewal for a second year and the ongoing influx of new projects.