Client: City of Ottawa
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Size: N/A

JLR was retained to complete the preparation of the preliminary and detailed design, tender package and to perform contract administration and full-time inspection for the construction of Brantwood Park Integrated Road, Sewer, and Watermain Replacement project. The project included reconstruction of 1,370 m of sanitary sewer, 270 m of storm sewer, 1,560 m of watermain, and 1,330 m of full road reconstruction, including new monolithic sidewalks. The Brantwood Park project was driven by the need to replace aging underground infrastructure, while protecting some newly replaced adjacent infrastructure, involved the widening of existing sidewalks in close proximity to large matures trees and meticulously maintained planting beds, and a “doghouse-style” maintenance hole connection was required to connect the new local sewer to an existing large diameter sewer (e.g., Rideau River Interceptor [RRI]).

Some complexities that were successfully addressed on this project included: developing a road geometric design within the mature tree-lined right-of-way with many existing landscaping features located directly behind the back of sidewalk; rerouting the sanitary sewers to connect to the existing RRI and abandon the existing sewer beneath the Field House in Brantwood Park; and developing construction staging limitations that restricted disruptions to on-street parking on certain streets and within Brantwood Park until after the summer sporting season.

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