JLR firmly believes in fostering authentic relationships and partnerships that last. JLR has the honour of working in collaboration with various Indigenous communities to deliver projects that shape the modern built reality of their traditional territories.

Over the years, JLR has developed close working relationships with many Indigenous organizations and overseen the completion of many successful projects. We have designed everything from buildings to largescale infrastructure projects. We are proud of the rewarding work we do and are delighted to cater to our client’s specific requirements including unique cultural needs. This attention to detail in our work has resulted in our long history of strong and continuous client relationships with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities.

Several of JLR’s staff specialize in development and support of services in this sector. We have worked with communities throughout Ontario, and are proud of this work that has resulted in some of our most rewarding projects. Our attention to client-specific requirements, including unique cultural needs has allowed us to develop these strong relationships.

Photos of community members discussing project plans
Leadership Team
Kristin McCartney

DEI Committee Co-Chair; Manager, Human Resources

Grant Campbell
Grant Campbell

Indigenous Market Leader

Photo of Robert Langlois outside
Robert Langlois

Senior Associate; Mgr, Sudbury Civil, Env, and Planning

Stephanie Campbell

Architect; Manager, Sudbury Architectural & Structural Dept

Tyler Rosen in front of wall
Tyler Rosen

Associate; Sr Environmental Engineer; Manager, Kingston Office

Brennan McGurn in front of wall
Brennan McGurn

Associate; Senior Electrical Engineer; Manager, Kingston Office

Duncan Young
Duncan A. Young

Senior Associate; Alternative Delivery Market Chief

Photo of Matthew Morkem
Matthew Morkem

Senior Associate; Senior Environmental Engineer: Environmental Infrastructure Market Chief

Photo of Krista Akerman standing outside
Krista Akerman

Senior Project Manager; Manager, Sudbury Mechanical & Electrical

Photo of Bogdan Burzawa
Bogdan Burzawa

Senior Associate; Senior Mechanical Engineer; Buildings Market Chief

Theresa Ayre standing in front of brick wall
Theresa Ayre

Associate; Senior Architect; Manager, Guelph

Photo of Jane Wilson
Jane Wilson

Associate; Senior Environmental Engineer; Manager, Guelph

Photo of Raimondo Cuda
Raimondo Cuda

Associate; Chief Architect

Photo of Darren Radey
Darren Radey

Senior Associate; Senior Environmental Engineer; Chief Environmental Engineer

Photo of Jim Steele outside
Jim Steele

Executive Director; Senior Environmental Engineer

Photo of Rikki-Lynn Dubien
Rikki-Lynn Dubien

Civil Engineer; Manager, North Bay

Photo of Tauno Ranta
Tauno Ranta

Senior Architectural Designer; Manager, Timmins

Photo of John Elliot
John Elliot

Associate; Special Projects Market Chief

Photo Bill Bélanger
Bill Bélanger

Associate; Senior Structural Engineer; Mining Market Chief

Photo of Neil Farr outside
Neil Farr

Executive Director; Industrial Market Chief

Photo of Joan Haysom
Joan Haysom

Associate; Innovative Energy Market Chief

Photo of Nicolas Rivet standing outside
Nicolas Rivet

Executive Director; Senior Electrical Engineer

Photo of Michael S. Troop
Michael Troop

Executive Director; Senior Environmental Engineer

Photo of Philip Reeve
Phil Reeve

Executive Director; Chief Civil Engineer

Photo of Saverio Parrotta
Saverio Parrotta

President and Chief Executive Officer

Photo of René Lambert
René Lambert

Vice President

Photo of Sarah Gore
Sarah Gore

Executive Director; Senior Environmental Engineer

Laura Grover

DEI Committee Co-Chair; Principal Associate; Senior Structural Engineer

Photo of Brian Hein outside
Brian Hein

Executive Director; Senior Environmental Engineer

Photo of Jeff Laberge outside
Jeff Laberge

Executive Director; Senior Architect

Photo of Ryan Matthews
Ryan Matthews

Executive Director; Municipal Market Chief