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Be it a single building, an existing campus, or a new development: We provide the expert insight and analysis needed to establish an energy and carbon strategy. We assist with the identification and incorporation of renewable energy resources, viable renewable energy supplies, opportunities for centralized energy systems and heat recovery, review of existing energy consumption and building performance, quantification of energy and carbon reductions, stakeholder engagement, smart energy management, energy storage to manage peak demand. We foster collaborations with innovative solutions providers and provide funding support.

JLR’s Innovative Energy group works with existing data to develop models using current and potential energy usage to better understand our clients’ energy supply and usage. We conduct custom analysis with highly dynamic energy modelling software to determine the best path forward. On every project, we look for the energy optimization options most appropriate to bring that specific building or portfolio closer to our client’s targets, such as zero carbon, net-zero energy, or the minimum operating budget.

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Learn more about our unmatched experience in renewables, energy systems engineering, and our extensive team of discipline-specific specialists.

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