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Water treatment design and planning

The treatment, storage, and distribution of safe potable water in sufficient quantities is an essential need for all Canadian communities. Water is also an essential need for many key industries, which often must adhere to quality-specific requirements for production purposes.

JLR has extensive experience in the planning and design of infrastructure to provide new and expanded groundwater and surface water supply systems. We have leveraged a multitude of treatment technologies to overcome specific on-site conditions, constraints, and prescribed requirements.

Our water treatment design and planning process is driven by water source quality and availability, as well as sustainability assessments that encompass financial, social, and environmental parameters while taking into account legal and regulatory requirements and community needs.

Reference Projects

Environmental Infrastructure

Nanticoke Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

Environmental Infrastructure

Point Pleasant Water Treatment Plant

Environmental Infrastructure

Sudbury Well Fluoridation Upgrades

Environmental Infrastructure

Renfrew Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

Environmental Infrastructure Market

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Nanticoke WTP, Cataraqui Bay WWTP, Dome water treatment facility