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Innovative Energy Market

We know energy.

We bring a collaborative approach to each project and are relentless in our search for solutions to meet our clients’ goals. These goals include reduced energy use, reduced carbon footprint (embodied and operational), reduced operating and maintenance costs, sustainability certifications, onsite generation and storage, smart energy management, and improved infrastructure resilience. Each project is unique, and the selection of solutions is tuned to maximize benefits.

Be it thermal or electrical energy systems, we understand energy consumption, renewable energy technologies, the energy market, asset management, and the funding and financing landscape. Our team members have over 100 years of combined industry experience and have advised on the performance review of over $5B in energy assets. We support advisory services, feasibility, and design, working with all other disciplines of integrated projects.

Renewable Energy Supply & Storage

Sustainably create and store energy.

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Energy & Carbon in Buildings

Energy performance and carbon footprint reduction in building design.

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Energy & Carbon in Environmental Infrastructure

Customized roadmaps to net-zero carbon performance in environmental infrastructure.

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Energy & Carbon Strategy

Cohesive and customized energy efficiency strategy.

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Advisory Services - Energy Assets

Expert insight, custom analysis, and support.

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Energy & Carbon in Mining

Practical and economic designs that incorporate renewable solutions.

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Mark Salerno, Innovative Energy Market Chief