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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

JLR is committed to building a culture where everyone belongs.


Diverse and inclusive work environments foster a plurality of thought and viewpoints. JLR is deeply committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive culture with policies and programs to afford all employees the dignity and respect they deserve. Inclusivity allows our employees to achieve the success they are capable of, regardless of their background. The unique perspectives of people from diverse communities help create solid teams and a strong culture at JLR.

DEI Committee

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee engages with employees and reviews best practices so JLR can create a culture where all employees are valued and accepted regardless of age, ancestry, colour, race, citizenship, ethnic origin, creed, disability, family or marital status, gender identity and gender expression, sex, sexual orientation, or any other protected grounds in the Human Rights Code. The DEI Committee comprises six members from diverse backgrounds who bring their experience and knowledge to inform how we can make JLR an even more inclusive workplace. Their mandate is to explore where issues exist, discuss ways we can respond, and make recommendations on how we can continue to break down barriers.

JLR’s Matt Weaver, P.Eng., shares a few words about his personal and professional experience.

Indigenous Connections

JLR acknowledges that as a Canadian firm with offices throughout Ontario, we have the privilege of living and working on the ancestral lands of diverse Indigenous communities. We value our long history of working in partnership with many Indigenous groups and are proud of the successful projects and important learning relationships that have resulted from these partnerships. This experience has shown the JLR team how to allow cultural considerations and the unique needs of diverse community members to shape the plans and designs that we provide to all clients. Through the development of the JLR Reconciliation Action Plan, we have reviewed our corporate policies to confirm they are inclusive of specific needs of Indigenous employees.

Selection Process

JLR is committed to ensuring that the best possible candidates are selected for open roles. JLR is an equal opportunity employer and strives to seek the best talent regardless of protected grounds. We firmly believe this makes us stronger as an organization. We accommodate people with disabilities during the selection process, and we educate our leaders and employees to help them identify biases and learn how they can reduce them. Our objective hiring techniques ensure we’re equipped to identify the top talent that will strengthen JLR.

Support for Newcomers

At JLR, we respect, celebrate, and encourage diversity. Our Immigrant Support Hub provides newcomers with resources, information, and assistance to make the transition to life in Canada easier. We believe that embracing different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives is essential to creating an innovative, agile, and inclusive work environment.

Women in STEM Careers

We are doing our part to encourage young women in STEM to pursue engineering and related fields. Our senior female engineers work with high school and university students to highlight the successes of women in the field. JLR believes that more women in engineering provides new voices and perspectives that will lead to innovative solutions.

From rollercoasters to dollhouses and a passion for creating, we sat down with a few of our female engineers to find out how they got involved in engineering.

Work Environment

JLR designed its work spaces to meet the diverse needs of our employees and visitors. By embracing a hybrid working model and unassigned seating in most of our offices, our employees work in dynamic spaces that can accommodate a wide range of working styles, accessibility needs, and mobility requirements. Our spaces include:

  • Ergonomic workstations with by sitting/standing desks
  • Unassigned seating that allows employees to sit near the colleagues they collaborate with the most and gives them the chance to meet other colleagues outside of their team
  • Quiet offices for blocking out distractions
  • Modern rooms that aid collaboration
  • Open spaces for socialization
  • Gender-inclusive spaces such as gender-neutral washrooms, showers, and change rooms
  • Dynamic meeting rooms with different configurations
  • Hybrid working model for a flexible work-life balance
  • Available resources on JLR’s internal, employee-only page
  • Ottawa and Timmins’ Offices: Meeting and huddle rooms with different configurations of furniture to allow for different kinds of mobility equipment; signage and colours to help navigate the building; and quiet rooms for rest, reflection, and prayer

JLR is a diverse community, and our office reflects our employees’ diverse needs to ensure that everyone can participate to the best of their ability.

JLR’s Vice President, René Lambert, P.Eng., reflects on the vision for our Ottawa office.

DEI Committee Member Spotlight

Annie Williams

"I joined the DEI Committee because I have always felt valued and accepted at JLR, not despite my identity but because of it. As an Asian woman and member of the LGBTQ community, I wanted to contribute to helping others feel the same."

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