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Assessment and Mitigation

Class Environmental Assessments (EA) and Master Plans are legislatively required to predict the environmental impact of proposed initiatives before they are carried out and mitigate adverse environmental effects, and ensure well thought out long-term plans for implementation of a community’s infrastructure.

At JLR, we approach EAs and Master Plans with the understanding that these undertakings will set the long-term direction for projects and can result in benefits such as cost optimization, increased opportunities for public participation, improved Indigenous community consultation, increased government accountability and harmonization, and informed decisions that contribute to responsible development. Our team’s expertise ranges from provincial/territorial and federal EAs including water, wastewater, and stormwater Class EAs and Master Plans.

Environmental Infrastructure Market

Learn more about how our team of experts finds solutions for our client’s water treatment, storage, distribution, wastewater conveyance and treatment, and solid waste management needs.

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Nanticoke WTP, Cataraqui Bay WWTP, Dome water treatment facility