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Alternate Delivery in Innovative Energy

Innovative Energy has become a key metric in almost all public and private organizations, and the pressure to take these metrics to quantifiable results is becoming more at the forefront in  projects. There is no doubt the discussion around carbon and what a company can provide for backing of their products will be a real competitive aspect of achieving and maintaining market share. The confluence of the rapidly changing innovative energy technological developments and the demands from policy developers and global firms in various markets make this the perfect environment for JLR’s Alternate Delivery’ leadership on projects.

Owners and clients are faced with organization-level pressures to achieve results but the rapidly changing knowledge base prevents the formulation of the question to be asked. For example, an international food production company wants source products compatible with their sustainability statement. These circumstances a mere 10 years ago were not commonly part of the discussion.

In the design-build or integrated project delivery scenarios these initial incumbrances can be become one of the key success indicators on a project. Ideas to explore in project delivery include:

  • Setting net-zero carbon targets and dates while bringing together the JLR multidisciplinary team, including Innovative Energy together with the partner contractor to explore how it can be done.
  • Exploring innovative technology provider equipment that can extract heat from effluents and other nontraditional heat sources by considering the financing packages available from the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence for equipment. Based on energy sources today, make initial decisions that can be evolved as other green energy sources come online. Build a long-term green progression as part of the backbone of the project.

Another aspect of Innovative Energy is it makes good economic sense now and more so in the future. Pressures on the electric grids are going to be a key challenge with the progression of our green solutions. Peak power costs and reliable power sources are going to be part of the future business risks. Again, embedding into projects the backbone mechanisms for addressing these changes will be part of a resilient business plan.

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