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JLR’s Buildings market provides high-quality services within a multidisciplinary team environment.

Our firm was one of the first proponents of integrated design and project delivery, and we have decades of successful projects that prove our leadership and skill in this exceptional approach. A successful building is designed with its planned use in mind. That’s why we start the process of designing exceptional spaces by brainstorming about the particular and unique aspects of your facility’s intended function.

Our buildings experts support diverse projects that centre on the human element of your space. No matter your needs, we can deliver a design that supports your building’s function and allows its occupants to thrive.

We have delivered successful designs for buildings around the world, ranging from small, simple structures to expansive, multifacility campuses. Whether it’s new construction projects, expansions, retrofits, or specialty spaces, we see every project as an exciting challenge, and we’re ready with the right solutions.


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High-quality design solutions that reflect the current and future goals of educational spaces.

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Professional design services for diverse healthcare providers across Ontario.

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Integrated facility design services for diverse laboratory environments.

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Manufacturing & Light Industrial

Agile, high-performing spaces for a wide range of manufacturing and light industrial functions.

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Operations Facilities

Practical, maintainable, and functional designs.

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Federal Government

Design and delivery of custom operational facilities for federal projects.

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Provincial Government

Working in the communities in which we live.

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Customized designs that address the specific functional and operational requirements of workspaces.

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Collaboration, optimization, safety, and occupant comfort.

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Welcoming and well-styled retail spaces.

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Exceptional transportation building designs that balance form and function.

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Athletics, Sports & Recreation

Dynamic recreational facilities from large-scale, multifunctional facilities to special purpose regional athletic and recreational spaces.

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Bogdan Burzawa, Senior Associate; Senior Mechanical Engineer; Buildings Market Chief