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Reliable energy design

We employ a mature understanding of renewable energy to bring buildings to new levels of energy performance and carbon footprint reduction through ingenuity and best practice that aim to maximize return on investment.

Our expertise includes building energy modelling, building envelopes, heating and cooling systems, heat pumps, passive solar, heat recovery, embodied carbon, and renewable energy and storage integration. We also have complex modelling and analytics expertise, initially developed for government and energy agencies and later integrated into our service offering. We work with all JLR disciplines and other design teams, delivering new buildings that incorporate reliability, durability, maintainability, sustainability, energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

For clients managing portfolios of existing assets, our team conducts audits of greenhouse gas emissions and energy use patterns, delivering detailed assessments that provide a comprehensive look at all available energy options. We work with clients to create customized roadmaps and strategies that align with their present and future goals. We determine the most effective measures using a whole building approach to achieve large-scale energy and carbon reductions.

Innovative Energy Market

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