Built Environment

JLR’s skilled civil engineering team is driven by a strong sense of commitment to our clients and their projects and the communities that rely on the vital infrastructure that we create. As a firm with offices in the same areas that we serve, we understand that our civil projects are more than just our work. These projects are also tangible attributes of our communities, and they are critical to supporting the spaces that we call home.

We’ve built a reputation for identifying innovative solutions that provide the most value to our clients, to meet their needs now and as their communities and developments evolve. Our objective is to meet the challenges of the moment and the ambitions of the future.

Our Approach

When we take on a civil project, we consider the current state of an asset and how to optimize that asset throughout its entire life cycle. We plan for what our clients need now and what they will need as their communities or sites develop and evolve. We aim to meet the challenges of the moment and the ambitions of the future, all in one cohesive design.

Our forward-thinking attitude is something we also extend to the sustainability of our designs. We consider the environmental impact of our projects from conception to completion and through to demolition and reuse. At JLR, we combine civil engineering and design prowess with careful consideration of the ever-changing needs of our communities. Who better to design essential infrastructure than experts who use it?

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  • Feasibility studies
  • Preliminary design
  • Detailed design
  • Condition assessments
  • Site planning and master plans
  • Traffic studies and traffic management plans
  • Sewer hydraulic assessments and modelling
  • Grading, backfill, culverts, and ditching
  • Buried infrastructure and underground services
  • Pipeline hydraulic assessments and modelling
  • Water distribution systems

Other Services


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