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Alternate Delivery in Buildings

JLR’s Alternate Delivery group has a proven ability to provide exceptional results for JLR’s Buildings Market, which is particularly adept at providing expertise for purpose-built facilities. These facilities are built for providing a particular activity such as maintenance garages for municipality vehicles, aviation training and aviation maintenance facilities, high tech clean room facilities,  and agri-food processing plants, etc. These projects require a substantial engineering component to support the building use and occupancy of purpose.

Often in these project types, clients need a project developed and delivered in a fast-track process that nails the budget needs. The Alternate Delivery team is tuned to support first to market and design-supporting budgets. Likewise, design to support operational vision, reducing workload in operations, and undertaking risk assessments (fault tree/incident based) to quantify operational incidents leading to stoppage in production are part of the Alternate Delivery and Buildings Market knowledge base.

Clients with a project vision combined with the JLR Buildings Market, Alternate Delivery team, and contractor partner take the vision and develop the project definition with pricing, risk assessments, and supporting information for decision making. Various model agreements can then be launched to address the project risks and key success factors.

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