Beckwith Waste Transfer and Processing Facility

Laflèche Environmental Inc.

Project Details

The Beckwith Waste Transfer and Processing Facility was completed to meet the growing solid waste management needs of smaller communities west of Ottawa. It was designed and licensed to receive and divert up to 1,000 tonnes of solid non-hazardous waste per day to the Laflèche Environmental Inc. landfill site located in Moose Creek, Ontario. The Beckwith facility is capable of storing up to 365 tonnes of material inside the building.  Recyclable materials are sorted in the building and loaded into roll-off truck bins for transport off-site to market.

The 1,240 m² (13,347 ft²) steel frame and metal siding building was pre-engineered by Steelway Building Systems. Our firm worked with Steelway to provide the structural foundation design. Structural design services also included the retaining wall and steel deflection plates at the truck load out bays. In addition to coordinating the overhead hydro service at the site, our electrical group completed all of the interior and exterior electrical design for the facility.

Civil engineering services included a traffic impact study, and fire pond, SWM, drainage, and grading design. We prepared the site monitoring program, which received approval from both the  Ministry of the Environment and local approval agencies. In addition, we prepared the Engineer’s Report in support of the Environmental Compliance approval to allow for some operational flexibility of the waste transfer and processing facility.  We also provided construction administration services through to completion of this $4M capital works project.