Client: Peak Power Inc.
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Size: N/A

Peak Power Inc. retained JLR to develop a concept design report for proposed indoor battery energy storage systems (BESS) at two locations in Toronto, Ontario. The report was intended to solicit input from the project stakeholders: Peak Power (the client), a large real estate investment trust (the landlord), Energy Storage Response Group (energy storage system fire consultant retained by Peak Power), the Toronto Fire Department (first responders), and the City of Toronto (authority having jurisdiction).

BESS is intended to reduce the facilities’ annual electricity cost by offsetting their peak electrical load during system peaks of the Ontario power grid. JLR’s architecture and multidisciplinary engineering teams reviewed the existing conditions of the buildings and identified suitable locations to install the BESS. Modifications/additions to the existing structure, electrical service, ventilation, and fire protection systems were included in the concept design. Furthermore, potential risks anticipated for the project were identified and an outline of next steps required for a detailed design submission was included.

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