Neil served as a Mechanical Engineer at LCI Engineering Inc. (LCI) for 19 years, including eight years as the Mechanical Department Manager. When JLR acquired LCI in March of 2020, Neil smoothly transitioned to the role of Industrial Market Chief, a role he currently holds with JLR. As an Associate and the Industrial Market Chief, Neil is responsible for developing and maintaining our services within this field, including preparing technical and financial proposals, providing project delivery, and ensuring our clients’ needs are fully met.

Neil has over 20 years of experience in product design and industrial mechanical systems, and he has worked extensively in the biorefinery and industrial production facility sectors. He is a designer of mechanical systems, including steam, pressure vessels and process, utility, and sanitary piping systems, ASME Section VIII, ASME B31.1, B31.3, CSA B51, ASME BPE, and TSSA.

Neil has significant experience in the mechanical design, fabrication, and construction of piping systems, pressure vessels, power boiler gas ducting systems, related steel structures, and process equipment (pumps, boilers, compressors, valves), hydraulic design, sizing, and selection.

Leadership Team

Bill Bélanger

Associate; Senior Structural Engineer; Mining Market Chief

Raimondo Cuda

Associate; Chief Architect

Neil Farr

Associate; Industrial Market Chief

Joan Haysom

Associate; Innovative Energy Market Chief

Brian Hein

Executive Director; Environmental Infrastructure Market Chief

Sarah Gore

Executive Director; Senior Environmental Engineer

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Executive Director; Senior Structural Engineer

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Vice President

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President and Chief Executive Officer

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Executive Director; Senior Environmental Engineer