Client: Charger Logistics Inc.
Location: Brampton and Woodstock, Ontario, and Laredo, Texas
Size: 1,394 m2 (15,000 ft2)

JLR was retained by Charger Logistics Inc. to provide consulting services for the interior design of the new facilities in Brampton and Woodstock, Ontario, and a third contract for an office facility in Laredo, Texas. JLR’s design team was driven to set a new bar for office design in the logistics sector. By focusing on the merging of industrial elements with natural features, the team elevated this space standard to suit the needs of office staff, drivers, and fleet maintenance workers equally, providing all users with a space that is stimulating and functional.

The designs are modern, innovative, and a complete divergence from office design standards in the logistics sector. Located in an unassuming industrial park, these facilities are typically amongst warehouses and extensive agricultural plots. Despite their modest surroundings, the Charger Logistics multifunctional buildings are infused with sleek design details and durable, high end finishes. Realizing the connections between workplace design and staff wellness, retention, and productivity, Charger Logistics identified a need to break from industry standards with their new spaces.