Client: Municipality of Casselman
Location: Casselman, Ontario
Size: N/A

The Municipality of Casselman (Municipality) retained JLR to undertake a Schedule C Class Environmental Assessment of their communal sewage system including the existing facultative lagoon. The Municipality, situated in eastern Ontario with a population of around 4,000, has relied on a lagoon-based wastewater treatment system since the 1970s. With growing servicing needs and stricter regulations, the system’s limitations became evident, prompting the municipality to prioritize upgrades. Several possible solutions were reviewed based on key criteria, including treatment needs, lifecycle costs, operational ease, expandability, and climate impact. The preferred option included the addition of an innovative and modular specialized-treatment system, a first of its kind in Ontario, specifically for enhanced removal of toxic elements in cold weather and resulting in significantly less lifecycle costs compared to more traditional approaches. JLR was retained to complete studies, piloting, design, and construction administration services. Collaborating with various stakeholders and agencies, the project aimed to enhance treated effluent quality, accommodate future growth, and mitigate environmental impacts.

The introduction of LagoonGuardTM, a pioneering moving bed bioreactor technology, marked a significant advancement in Ontario’s wastewater treatment landscape. Through meticulous collaboration and testing, including an 18-month pilot study, the project demonstrated the viability of the innovative system for cold weather treatment of ammonia, paving the way for regulatory approval and full-scale implementation. Despite challenges, such as navigating the complexities of the Covid-19 pandemic, the project management team successfully delivered the upgraded system within budget and on schedule, ensuring compliance with treatment requirements and exceeding expectations since its completion.

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