Client: Utilities Kingston
Location: Kingston, Ontario

Utilities Kingston retained JLR as Prime Consultant to provide engineering services for the design, tendering, and construction contract administration of an upgrade to the Cataraqui Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The primary design objectives for this upgrade were to increase the treatment capacity, meet more stringent provincial effluent objectives, and stay within the landlocked site boundaries. This project included the conversion of the original conventional secondary treatment plant to a small footprint biological secondary biological treatment process among other plant-wide upgrades.

As part of the upgrades, JLR provided:

  • New and expanded Headworks Building to house fine screening and vortex grit removal system.
  • Repurposed existing aeration tanks and secondary clarifiers.
  • Connection of existing primary clarifiers and aeration tanks to create elongated primary clarifiers.
  • New biological aerated filter (BAF) facility to house six Biostyr® Duo BAF Cells, primary effluent pumping station, and administration space.
  • New Dewatering and Biosolids Storage Facility to house centrifuges and enclosed biosolids bunkers.
  • Retrofitted gravity thickeners from existing secondary clarifiers.
  • Site-wide electrical and instrumentation overhaul, including a new electrical substation and grounding grid system.

These upgrades modernized the facility and ensured it remains operational for years to come. JLR was able to increase the Cataraqui Bay WWTP’s capacity from 38,800 m3/d to 55,000 m3/d, allowing it to keep up with greater water treatment demands along with population and industrial growth.

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