Client: Gillin Engineering and Construction Ltd
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Size: 41,992 m2 (452,000 ft2)

JLR was tasked with replacing the mechanical and electrical systems serving 234 Laurier Avenue in Ottawa with systems which would meet requirements of the time for performance and energy efficiency. The fully retrofitted building upgrade would provide future tenants with a building that met or exceeded current codes and standards with respect to HVAC, fire protection, plumbing, and electrical systems.

At the outset of the project, a LEED Silver certification was targeted. The results of the third-party energy model review propelled the design into the LEED Gold certification range. The retrofit consisted of the complete replacement of the existing base building mechanical systems including:

  • Dedicated outside air systems.
  • Exhaust air systems.
  • Individual floor air handling units.
  • Base building duct work.
  • Perimeter baseboard heating and associated piping.
  • High efficiency boilers and associated pumps and piping systems.
  • Chillers and associated pumps and piping systems.
  • Cooling towers and associated pumps and piping systems.
  • Sprinklers.
  • Building automation systems.

JLR was able to overcome two large project constraints, ensuring the new systems and equipment were required to fit into existing mechanical and electrical spaces as well as ensuring the building was operational during the construction with minimum disturbances to existing tenants.  The systems also nearly doubled the volume flow rate of the ventilation system.

This project delivered a product that exceeded the client’s expectations and came in under budget. The space meets the leasing standards of the federal government, which was the original goal, and provided a suitable office environment for any of their tenants.