Client: Minto Communities Inc.
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Size: ±65 ha
Year Completed: 2019

JLR was retained by Minto Communities Inc. to proceed with detailed design of municipal services for the Quinn’s Pointe Stage 2 as well as the conceptual design for future Stages 3 and 4, totaling ±65 ha located within the Barrhaven South Urban Expansion Area (BSUEA) in the City of Ottawa.

Prior to embarking with detailed design, JLR completed a Master Servicing Study and Existing Conditions Report (ECR) for the BSUEA whereby distributed infiltration of clean water to preserve groundwater recharge to an esker was recommended. The recommended servicing strategy was to incorporate the Etobicoke Exfiltration System (EES) along local roads and to provide total suspended solids (TSS) removal along collector roads by means of a hydro dynamic separator (HDS) given the sensitivity of the esker to chlorides.

The overall storm servicing strategy for Quinns’ Pointe Stages 2 to 4 incorporated two separate storm systems: one traditional system for all collector roads which was equipped with a downstream HDS and one system along local roads that incorporated an EES along with the traditional sewer system.

To meet regulatory requirements, the engineering documentation included recommended tasks to operate the proposed EES, schedule and frequency of maintenance practices to optimize the efficiency of the system and an anticipated level of effort in the maintenance activities. In addition, a flow monitoring program was developed and proposed to evaluate the performance of the system and drawdown time to confirm its adequacy. To assist in the operation of the EES, remote real-time monitoring, Linking Smart Solutions, was proposed and which will be carried out.

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