Client: Utilities Kingston
Location: Kingston, Ontario
Size: 80 MLD average daily flow

JLR was retained by Utilities Kingston to provide design and contract administration services for the expansion of the 80 MLD Point Pleasant Water Treatment Plant (WTP). The Class Environmental Assessment (EA), previously completed by JLR, recommended expanding the existing direct filtration and chlorination treatment processes and implementing a number of other site-wide expansions and improvements. The project included the following upgrades:

  • High Lift Pumping: Construction of a new high lift pump station with three new 30 MLD, four-stage vertical turbine pumps. The new high lift pump station well was constructed so the well is hydraulically connected to the reservoir to help dissipate any surge issues experienced and will help attenuate the water level fluctuations while cycling the pumps on and off.
  • Reservoir: Construction of a new two-cell storage reservoir that provides 6,400 m3 of additional storage. The inlet and outlet to reservoir cells are valved such that one cell of the reservoir can be take on out of service without disrupting the flow of the other cell or flow to the high lift pump well.
  • Electrical Upgrade: Upgrades to the site-wide electrical systems, including emergency power, motor control centres (MCC), and grounding grid. Each building is equipped with an MCC and 600 V distribution pan to feed larger process and HVAC equipment. The upgrade also included significant overhaul of all site-wide instrumentation and control systems and replacement of the existing supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.
  • Administration Building: Building expansions on site include construction of new administration facilities including a new washroom/shower facility, lab and control rooms. Existing lab and control rooms were renovated into lunch and meeting space.

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