Client: City of Greater Sudbury
Location: Sudbury (Valley East Area),  Ontario
Size: N/A

The City of Greater Sudbury (City) retained JLR to provide engineering design and construction contract administration services for building envelope retrofits for nine separate well facilities in the Valley East/Dowling areas. The lifecycle facility upgrades also included six separate detached facilities exclusively designed for fluoride storage and injection.

The scope of the upgrades was established while JLR was conducting building condition assessments. Several facility/process enhancements were also identified as most of the facilities were originally built in the 1970s and some assets were nearing the end of their expected service life. Additional life-safety and compliance upgrades were also identified. JLR’s engineering services included a multidisciplinary coordinated approach to detailed design, field inspection, and contract administration, as well as full commissioning of the six facilities that included control system upgrades.

Along with extensive building envelope rehabilitation, the $4.6M upgrades included the installation of preengineered hydrofluoric acid (HFS) buildings at select facilities. The buildings were designed to contain two separate rooms including the main vestibule and the HFS storage/injection room.

The storage/injection rooms are equipped with a HFS injection system consisting of HFS injection panel, pace-to-flow HFS dosing pump, HFS containment piping, and day/secondary containment tanks. The vestibule area contains new marshalling panels for control wiring between field instruments and the new control systems, building heating and ventilation, and emergency combination units for worker safety. Part of the upgrades at two of the well facilities included new external grade diesel generators, which provides for well full functionality during line-power failure events.

Retrofits to the existing well facilities consisted of building envelope upgrades, including roofing upgrades (e.g., roof hatch installations), exterior cladding upgrades (siding, soffit, flashing replacements, etc.), chain link fencing replacements, natural gas service upgrades, hydro service upgrades, a motor control centre (MCC) replacement at the Notre Dame well facility, and building services upgrades.

The new and existing process and building services were all consolidated within new programmable logic controllers (PLC) for remote control and monitoring at five of the facilities. The control systems upgrades, once commissioned, were consolidated within the City’s existing supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) central control system and enabled operations to monitor and control all well facilities from each remote facility.

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