Client: Major Power Boiler OEM
Location: Carboneras, Spain
Size: N/A

Mechanical engineering services were provided to a major power boiler OEM for an emissions reduction project at the Litoral de Almeria coal-fired power station. The project entailed installation of a secondary over-fired air (SOFA) system that required extensive boiler pressure part modifications including 3D CAD modeling of the existing boiler and new installations, design of four new SOFA ducts, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) code tube nest pressure parts design, waterwall and buckstay modifications for new SOFA air registers, secondary and over-fired air systems computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis, and structural steel platform design.

The project faced several challenges including the requirement for large over-fired air ducting area needed to meet nitrogen oxide (NOx) reductions, and limited platform access around boilers.