Client: Vale Canada Limited
Location: Various
Size: Various

Since March 2013, JLR has successfully completed over 650 projects under Overflow Engineering Services contracts alone. To achieve this, JLR provided structural, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, as well as architectural services. Throughout the agreement, JLR has upheld a commitment to quality deliverables and has consistently completed projects on time and on budget, resulting in a steady stream of projects from all Vale sites. The ongoing evaluation of our performance by Vale has resulted in valuable constructive feedback that has allowed JLR to adjust our approach when necessary to better align with Vale’s needs. This open dialogue plays an important part in our pursuit of continuous improvement.

By using local project managers to provide consistent points of contact for the various sites and/or specific services, JLR has forged numerous strong relationships with plant personnel in Vale’s project management, operations, and maintenance groups. These relationships become the cornerstone for successful project delivery, as they facilitate open discussion and a spirit of cooperation where the interests of various parties must be balanced.

JLR’s dedicated team of project coordinators has developed in-house tools to manage the large volume of incoming correspondence and outgoing deliverable information in a highly organized fashion. This meticulous level of organization has served to further strengthen JLR’s relationships with key Vale stakeholders by ensuring that their needs are addressed in a timely manner, with back ups assigned to each role to ensure time is not lost due to unforeseen absences.

JLR’s wide range of projects completed during previous Overflow Agreements includes those at the mining, milling, smelting, and refining facilities, in addition to buildings and plants that form the support infrastructure, including the acid plant, oxygen plant, filter plant, raw water delivery, water treatment facilities, wastewater treatment facilities, bridges, shops, warehouses, and administrative buildings. In addition, JLR has provided Vale with architectural services for various building upgrades such as roof replacements, facilities upgrades, and building envelope modifications. This is just one example of the value-added services that JLR can provide to meet Vale’s needs.