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Why We’re Welcoming Permanent Change as a Result of COVID-19

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many Canadian businesses, including J.L. Richards & Associates Limited (JLR), to seriously consider key changes to how they operate day to day. The pandemic period has been a trying and often tragic time, and it has caused countless companies to rapidly adapt to a new normal that is dynamic and ever-evolving.

The experience of adapting our business to the COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique opportunity for JLR. By expediting our plans to create a more agile workplace for all our staff across Ontario, this situation has allowed us to introduce new policies and important operational evolutions well before we thought possible. We have been able to implement significant changes to support remote work, observe the success of this new arrangement in supporting business continuity during COVID-19, and gain incredible insight into the value of making remote work a reality for JLR employees beyond the pandemic period.

We cannot deny that our adaptable staff are highly productive, actively connected, and deeply engaged in their tasks no matter where they’re working. That’s why we have decided to establish a new permanent working remotely policy, which provides our staff and managers with a framework to discuss productive remote work arrangements far into the pandemic-free future.

Our extremely positive experience with working remotely during COVID-19 is only one of the many reasons why JLR supports flexible working arrangements. Click on the links below to learn more about how this new, permanent policy at JLR supports our corporate values and business objectives:

  • Experts say flexible work is key to keeping women in the workforce
  • Remote work can allow companies to better support workers with disabilities
  • Remote work flexibility results in increased, productivity, performance, engagement, and job satisfaction
  • Flexible remote work options support improved work-life balance

If you’re in the engineering, architecture, planning, or project delivery sector and seeking an opportunity that supports work-life balance better, talk to JLR today about employment opportunities that suit your skills.

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