AECL Laboratory Relocation

Chalk River,Ontario
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited

Project Details

Due to our experience with complex renovations, alternative implementation methods, and nuclear laboratories, our firm was selected by Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) to provide engineering and architectural services for the renovation of existing operating facilities to accommodate the relocation of nuclear laboratories to the Chalk River site.

The project was implemented under a “fast-track” process with a predefined fixed capital cost. Design was carried out in stages to suit AECL’s operational priorities, with construction following a management format.  The scope of our services extended from the development of functional requirements to final commissioning and occupancy. The major portion of the project involved the renovation and addition of new and existing mechanical systems, including specialized nuclear laboratory ventilation and filtration systems. Laboratory fume hood controls maintained critical face velocities with varying sash position, achieving safer and more energy efficient operations. We also reused existing furnishings and equipment wherever possible in order to meet functional requirements in a cost-effective way.

This renovation project allowed the complete transfer of laboratory operations to Chalk River within nine months, with critical areas occupied within five months of concept design. The advantages of our in-house integrated engineering and architectural team were successfully demonstrated in this challenging project.