Brockville Main Sewage Pump Station Class EA

City of Brockville

Project Details

The City of Brockville owns and operates a main sewage pumping station, with a capacity of approximately 33,000 m3/day, which conveys approximately 95% of the city’s communal sewage to its water pollution control plant. The station has a wet/dry well configuration with dry pit type centrifugal pumps, screening, and standby power. Pumps convey sewage to the treatment plant via a 1.1 km long, 600 mm diameter concrete reinforced forcemain.

Our firm conducted a Schedule ‘B’ Class Environmental Assessment (EA) of the sewage pumping station and the forcemain in order to evaluate both condition and capacity to determine any requirements that would keep this vital system in good working order over the longer term. This project involved completing Phases 1 and 2 of the Municipal Engineers Association Class EA requirements, which included preparation and implementation of a public/agency consultation plan, identification of problems and opportunities, and identification and evaluation of alternative solutions.

We completed a condition assessment of the entire pumping station, as well as a specialized assessment of the forcemain, including exposing the exterior of the forcemain and taking samples for laboratory analysis. Conceptual design development of a new pumping station layout was also included in the overall scope, along with budgetary capital and life-cycle costing, and overall assessment of impacts on the natural environment, geotechnical/hydrogeological setting, and archaeological setting.