Espanola Light Industrial Park Expansion EA

Town of Espanola

Project Details

Its existing six-acre Light Industrial Park was nearing capacity, and therefore the Town of Espanola identified the need to create more available serviced land. We assisted Espanola in reviewing the feasibility of expansion and provided the necessary technical support to secure project funding, both of which were completed successfully.

It was determined that an amendment to the existing Environmental Assessment (EA) was necessary to confirm or revise the recommendations contained in an EA previously completed by our firm. The need for a new access road triggered the EA amendment and a concurrent Official Plan amendment. The EA amendment also offered an opportunity for public consultation consistent with provincial guidelines, allowed for preliminary technical review such as confirming the available capacity of existing nearby municipal infrastructure, and addressed additional requirements, including a Natural Environment Inventory and Species-at-Risk Impact Assessment Study.

Our firm obtained all necessary approvals and completed construction tender drawings and specifications. We also administered the construction contract and provided site review services for the work, which included: 680 m of paved municipal roadway, 200 m of which was through a marsh area with poor soil conditions; watermain, sanitary sewer, sanitary forcemain, power, and lighting; and a pre-engineered lift station, complete with controls. The road within the marsh area, designed to limit encroachment within the marsh, included stringent environmental protection, and allowed for relocation of an existing ATV trail.