Manotick Commercial Core and Hillside Gardens Sanitary Sewer


Project Details

Our firm was retained to prepare the Village of Manotick Servicing Master Plan and Trunk Services Concept Study, for which we carried out the preliminary design of a sanitary sewer system and pumping station that included capacity for the entire Village, as well as future development as described in the City’s Official Plan.

We subsequently prepared tender-ready drawings and specifications for the project, which involved individual house investigations to determine the basement elevation, septic outlet location, and preferred sanitary service location. We also prepared the preliminary design drawings for the areas of Hillside Gardens and the Commercial Core based on the earlier Master Servicing Study. The design consisted of local gravity sewers as well as a main pumping station located on Rideau Valley Drive to pump sewage to the trunk sewer system in South Nepean.

This preliminary design was presented to the public along with local improvement information and estimated costs for the work. Under the Local Improvement Act (O.Reg. 119/03), each property owner is charged their share of the cost of the work according to the lot frontage, which is generally based on the side or side(s) of the lot that abut the infrastructure. A majority of the property owners were in favour of the work, and City Council approved the project.

Detailed drawings and tender documents were then finalized. During construction, we provided the contract administration and site inspection services.