Quinn Farm Subdivision

Ken Gordon Holdings Inc.

Project Details

Quinn Farm is a 213 lot residential development project located in the Village of Greely, south of Ottawa. The subdivision was developed in phases, with lots serviced by private wells and tertiary septic systems. The minimum lot size of 0.5 acres was in keeping with the Village’s development approach previously approved for lots in the area. The property presented numerous development design challenges because of its location in a relatively low-lying area adjacent to a major drain, known locally as Shields Creek.

Numerous engineering studies and reports were completed by our team in support of the proposed development, including a Noise Impact Study, Traffic Impact Study, Serviceability Study, and SWM Report. An update to the Shields Creek Stormwater and Drainage Study (SCSDS) was also required to support the proposed development. A detailed review and revision to the SCSDS hydrologic and hydraulic model was undertaken by our firm and J.F. Sabourin and Associates to reflect existing and proposed development conditions. The results of the updated model were presented to local review agencies for approval and subsequently played a key role in limiting the amount of fill that was required to develop the subdivision. Our firm provided the design for the SWM system to service the ultimate build-out of the subdivision phases, including a shallow swale perforated pipe storm sewer network and an end-of-pipe dry pond detention facility.

Approval of the private septic systems presented a significant project challenge. We worked with a geotechnical engineering consultant and the City of Ottawa to secure approval for a state-of-the-art tertiary type septic system, which incorporated a field monitoring program to assess its operational performance. Our firm was instrumental in facilitating all of the required approvals, including the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) Environmental Compliance Approval for the SWM works.