Client: Town of Kirkland Lake
Location: Kirkland Lake, Ontario
Size: 3 MGD WWTP

JLR was retained to undertake a Schedule C Class Environmental Assessment (EA) of the Town of Kirkland Lake’s (Town) existing communal sewage system. This included a comprehensive review of the 50 km of gravity sewer, five sub-area pumping stations, and the 3 MGD wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), which had suffered a roof failure. Several technical memoranda were prepared to evaluate the receiving stream, future flow requirements, and various WWTP process treatment options. The final Environmental Study Report (ESR) identified two main projects: one for implementation of a long-term plan for ongoing renewal of the collection system and four of the five existing pumping stations; and one for the implementation of a new greenfield secondary WWTP and a new pumping station.

As part of JLR’s scope of work, a preliminary design was developed for the new WWTP to be near the existing plant. A value engineering session was also included as part of the overall scope to review the design concepts and optimize overall costs for the project.

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