Client: City of Greater Sudbury
Location: Sudbury, Ontario
Size: 840 m

JLR was retained by the City of Greater Sudbury (City) to provide design, geotechnical, hydrogeological, tendering and site review services during construction for a major upgrade to Dell Street in the Flour Mill area of the City.

Dell Street is a two-lane collector with a posted speed limit of 40 km/h that provides access from Cambrian Heights to Notre Dame Avenue. Dell Street is also a public transit route and bicycle route. The Dell Street right-of-way has predominately residential properties fronting the street with some institutional properties, an industrial park as well as a community park. Also, Dell Street intersects with a Canadian National Railway (CN) route immediately west of Morin Avenue.

The Dell Street project required full infrastructure improvements for nearly 840 m of roadway using a “complete streets” approach. Under complete streets, JLR included provisions for active transportation elements (cycling and pedestrians) with the utmost focus on safety and accessibility.

At Dell Street, the improvements included upgrades to the road and watermain and repairs to the sanitary sewers, utilities, and storm sewer system. Utilities in the area, including natural gas and overhead utilities, and improvements to streetlighting were also incorporated in the design.

The Dell Street project traversed a CN Railway, requiring extensive consultation to secure the required approvals. In addition to the extensive consultation at Dell Street, part of the infrastructure renewal work was completed by jack-and-bore (trenchless) installation to mitigate risk due to above ground disruption near the rail corridor.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, an effective online public consultation process was conducted. Critical stakeholder consultation was also carried out directly with the impacted school board, utilities, natural gas, and adjacent landowners.

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